Every sock sold by Morrow’s is designed by Philip Morrow and all of our socks are made in Great Britain.

The trademark for a high quality sock is the 'hand-linked' toe. This is the process of closing the toe seam by matching the stitches on either side of the unfinished sock. These stitches are linked together to provide the wearer with an essentially seamless toe. This is the alternative to machine linking which overlocks the seam and often causes discomfort and irritation when wearing well-fitted shoes. Our socks which are made in Leicestershire use this traditional method, a process which requires considerable skill.


Our merino scarves are woven in County Tipperary, Ireland. The mill was founded in the 1890’s and is now a 4th generation family run business with 30 employees. They also supply our Putney shop with Irish tweed flat caps and 8-pieces caps.

Our cashmere and soft lambswool scarves and cashmere accessories are manufactured in Scotland. After the arrival of the raw cashmere at the mill, it is dyed, spun into yarn and finally woven or knitted. It is very rare for all of these processes to be carried out by the same manufacturer. The business has been in continuous existence since 1797. It has been in the hands of only two families and is now a 3rd generation business. It holds a Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales for the manufacture of Woollen fabric and has over 1,000 employees.



We now have our own in house embroidery service. While initials are popular, we have also completed a number of bespoke orders for leading institutions. If you are interested in making a custom order please feel free to contact us. See examples below.