How-to tutorials

We are on a mission to save the lost art of tying a tie ... the Morrows way of course!

Over the years we have spoken to many of our customers and the one feedback which we continuously hear is that many struggle tying the perfect tie (bow ties mainly... they sure can be tricky!).

So we thought we'd give you all a hand by preparing simple how-to tutorials on how to tie the perfect tie. We've started with our most common request, bow ties! But we will soon be teaching you how tie neck ties including the Windsor, the Half-Windsor, and the Four-in-Hand.    

So add a splash of colour to your outfit by learning how to tie your own tie and enjoy our tutorials!!

Bow Tie Tutorial

Instructor: Graham Morrow


How to tie a Bow Tie

Top Tips

Tip 1 The most important thing to remember is do not rush. Give yourself plenty of time to tie your bow tie.

Tip 2 The second tip is to tie your bow tie looking into a mirror.

Note I am right-handed. If you are left-handed you may want to do everything the opposite way to that which I am about to describe.

Step 1 Having placed the bow tie around your neck, fasten the top button of your shirt.

Step 2 Ensure that the left-hand section of the bow tie is longer than the right-hand part of the bow tie.

Step 3 Pass the left-hand part of the bow tie over the right-hand part and then pass it under and through the gap created by the right hand-side of the bow tie.

Step 4 Tighten the bow tie, pulling both sides with both hands. Put the part of the bow tie on your right over the right shoulder out of the way for the moment.

Note Now focus on the left-hand part of the bow tie. This part will be used to create the first part of the bow.

Step 5 With your right hand take hold of the tip of the bow tie and create the first half the bow by bringing it up to your neck ensuring that the centre of the bow is in line with the centre of your neck. Additionally, place your left thumb at the back of the bow ensuring that the tip of your left thumb is above the top of the bow.

Note Your left thumb needs to behind both parts of the bow you have created.

Step 6 Take hold of the part of the bow tie over your right shoulder with your right hand.

Step 7 The part of the bow tie in you right hand goes over the centre of the part of the bow tie in your left hand. This creates the centre of your bow tie.

Important Note! The trick is to keep your left thumb in the fold you have created at the back of the first part of the bow tie. It is important to keep the tip of your left thumb above the top of the bow and do not move it. Your left thumb will create a gap or a hole through which the second part of the bow will pass through. This is now probably the most difficult part of the process as you need to fold the part of the bow tie in your right hand into the hole which your left thumb has created.

Step 8 Use your right thumb or your first finger to feed the part of the tie through the hole created by your left thumb: approaching from the left-hand side and not the right-hand side.

Important Note! It is important to remember that you are in effect folding the second part of the bow back into itself. You are folding the widest part of the bow into the gap. You are not putting the end of the bow ties through the gap. You need to be “feel” the gap with your right thumb and squeeze the second part of the bow into it.

Step 9 Having created the bow you then have to tighten each part. Do it slowly and it will take a little time. You will tighten it by gently pulling the front part of one side at the same time as pulling the back part of the other side of the bow tie.

Note It will take quite a few pulls, it might be six or seven, to ensure that the bow tie is tight.

Your bow tie has now been tied! Congratulations!

Note To remove your bow tie, simply pull the loose ends on both sides. 

Morrows Disclaimer: You will not, and I repeat not, achieve the perfect bow tie first time round. It will take you several attempts (and failures) before you create your bow tie, but trust us, it is possible and with patience you can do it!

Thank you and we hope this has been helpful.